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The world of work is changing dramatically. 

People still think that work is somewhere you go, despite many of us working many hours from literally any where.

More companies are starting to realise that work is what people do. 
This change in mindset results in organisations and employees enjoying the benefits and freedom of working when and where they want.

Work Without Borders is a consultancy focused on work-life success in a digital world. 

We help organisations adapt and thrive in the new world of work.

What does the workplace flexibility landscape look like in South Africa

Flexible work options offer alternative approaches to getting work done through non-traditional work hours, locations, and/or job structures. They offer creative approaches for completing work, while promoting balance between work and personal commitments, rather than reduce work hours or output. Please spend a few moments completing this short survey for us to understand how much workplace flexibility is actually implemented across companies in SA. 

Your valuable input will help us to see how much work is needed in shaping the future of workplace flexibility in South Africa.  
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How important is workplace flexibility?

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last decade, mostly due to globalisation and major
advancements in IT. With workers that are   caring for children or the elderly, juggling work with school or retirement, it’s time for the workplace to start meeting the needs of the 21st century   workforce so that working families and businesses can be more productive, more competitive, healthier, and happier. 

Please help us understand how important workplace flexibility is to you by completing this short
survey.  Take the survey now.

Our expertise supports companies to set up the virtual workplace, as well as further assist those already implementing a virtual working culture. 

We strive to ensure that the virtual workplace – where employees work remotely from one another – is a place where people thrive. If you’re planning to adopt this way of working, or are already facing some challenges, you’ll need a partner with the knowledge to make it work. Work Without Borders provides assessments, consulting, training, facilitation and coaching for work-life success in a digital world.

Extensive research shows that the virtual workplace can translate into improved productivity, increased profit and happier employees, not to mention benefits to the planet.

The virtual workplace is a reality now - is your organisation optimised for success?

Our Commitment

We are passionate about helping people and organisations work well together in a digital world.

We strive to ensure that organisations are equipped to adapt and thrive in the new world of work.

We help with work-life integration and workplace flexibility programmes, including remote working success, by enabling and empowering people to embrace change, navigate work-life-family boundaries and utilise the tools IT has to offer us today.

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